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Fear in Wendy William's Face as she is overwhelmed resulting in her Fainting
Kendrick Lamar Goes In on Rappers on Big Sean's Song
Heeeeeee's Back! Glad To Hear From You Weezy


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Fear in Wendy William's Face as she is overwhelmed resulting in her Fainting

Wendy William Faints on live television for the Halloween Special. Wendy definitely looks stunning in her green but was overcome by the unexpected.

The video can be found on Youtube on this link,  

No update on Wendy's current condition.  I felt a way as I watched her go through whatever condition took over her body, causing her to display fear, stumble over her work and stagger until eventually dropping to the ground. Praying for a speedy recovery. We do hope Wendy Williams is doing well.

Kendrick Lamar Goes In on Rappers on Big Sean's Song

The lyrics of Kendrick on Big Sean's song "Control" didn't make the cut on the album. He goes in on all mention and the shots he took came with force!!!

Listen to the song:

For more info:

Heeeeeee's Back! Glad To Hear From You Weezy

Tweet From Lil Wayne
At 2pm PST
Lil Wayne HQLilWayneHQ
RT LilTunechiI'm feeling a lot better and again thk u all for ur love and prayers. It was truly felt...pause
Following this story has been a journey of it's own. Once again I'm glad everything turned on a positive note!


Allegedly sources have toldAXSLive      Mr. Carter has been released and is on his way home.  If this is indeed true, this is truly a blessing for him.  Seizures can be very dangerous and he is a very blessed individual with more work to do here on earth.

Who Do We Believe In Regards To Lil Wayne's Condition?

Does TMZ or Yahoo's OMG! Have The Inside Scoop On Lil Wayne?
March 18, 2013

TMZ is still reporting the Superstar Rapper is still in the ICU of Cedar Sinai Medical Center as of today.  TMZ story has pretty much remained the same with much consistency throughout Mr. Carters stay in the hospital.  But Does that make it a true story???

OMG! is reporting they have a insider allegedly saying Mr. Carter is doing fine and is working toward being released sometime shortly.

Lil Wayne Recovering In Los Angeles

Its been four long and agonizing days for the fans of Mr. Carter. Allegedly he has suffered from a serious seizure and is recovering at Cedar Sinai Hospital where he is being accompanied by some friends and family that love him dearly. 
I personally saw Slim (One of the owners of the YMCMB) just arriving at the hospital here in Los Angeles, letting him know Lil Wayne has some fans that are rooting for a speedy recovery. 
There are some conflicting reports surrounding this whole unfortunate situation.

***OFFICIAL VIDEO*** Wale Ft. Tiara Thomas -Bad

Wale has did it again!  Love this song and the video is super sexy!
Take the time to check out the video... A good look!

Problem Performing In Austin Texas for the SXSW 2013

Diamond Lane Music Group Artist Problem Is Doing It Big... Rep'n That WEST!!!
Follow him on Twitter @ItsaProblem

Beyonce Has Satanic Signs In Her Last Performance

This is crazy but we have heard of this before. The way the video breaks it down, you will be truly amazed at how well they have planned all these satanic signs.

The Fabulous & Pregnant Tamar Braxton Voices Her Opinion

Tamar Goes In On How She Feels About Nicki Manaj! Is Nicki Getting To Big Headed???
I think that Tamar is very opinionated and I love it!  She reminds me a lot of myself because we say what is on our mind.  Some people might feel a certain kind of way about these type of personalities. Well, at least when it applies to me, I do not aim to hurt anyones feelings in the process and I hope Tamar does the same.
Click here to See her quick stab!!
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